BENDER - Futurama Robot




disclaimer: I do not have any licence for any Matt Groening original work. I only created LEGO Bender for fun and for free. Its LEGO interpretation and LEGO design is my own.

info: Bender's Wiki:

Feedback, comments, info about downloading the instructions and building is very welcome.



Hi, I am Bender, I bend girders, I can bend them into any angle. 45 degrees, 30 degrees, you name it...

I also want to kill all humans, I smoke, I drink, I steal.

See pictures:

- This is how I look.

- As you can see I am not just some stupid bottom to top robot, I am a SNOT robot.

- And I can move, thanks to softaxles, magnets, pins, balls and sockets.

- My front door opens, so I can hide all I steal. Look at that nice pile of money I stole.

- I am getting sick of you humans, with your organs and soft skins. I will have a drink of my beer.

- Oh, somebody ripped my hand of. But it can be easily attached back.

- And if you do not like me, you can bite my shiny can't, it is plastic.


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Name BENDER - Futurama Robot
Designer J_C
Designed 2016
Inventory 562
Theme Other


  • 1 year, 8 months ago Bolbuyk (11K) MOC Designer
    Very funny, you have a good sense of humor to characterize the robot!
    Your SNOT-techniques are interesting, however I have 2 issues with page 6:
    1. Using technical holes as antistuds is pretty stressfull, even more so if more than one next to each other is used this way
    2. In the technic bricks are supposed to align with the SNOT-brick 1x4, but technic holes are slightly higher in a brick than side studs
    A workaround might be:
    1. Omitting SNOT-brick 1x4 on page 2
    2. Using 4 headlightbricks on page 6
    3. Connecting another 4 headlightbricks with their bottom to the sidestuds of the headlightbricks from the former step with their sidestuds facing up
    4. The righthand lightbley tile on page 11 is indentated half a plate lower
    5. Connection of lower subbuild on page 26 should be fine
    Because of the regular studs of the SNOT-plates from page 1 are slightly higher dan half a plate it's a little complicated.
  • 3 years ago agrof (3K) MOC Designer
    Classic. LOVE it!
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