"Ghost Castle" Board Game




To play you need 1x dice, minifig for each player, a small marble or (something heavy to fit down the chimney), optional : build a spinner for use each turn (could use dice).
Spinner is used each turn and has three outcomes-
1.Scared stiff- player has to take off head of minifig and is stuck there until they spin walk
2. Walk - player rolls dice and moves
3. Skull - Marble is dropped down chimney, this will randomly hit one of the red danger zones. If a player is in a red zone that is hit they move back to the last blue (safe zone) piece. 
If a player is hit by the marble on the black stairs they have to go back to the blue piece.
First one to the top wins!
{Spinner could just be a base plate , helicopter rotor and different coloured plates that correspond to the 3 outcomes}
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Name "Ghost Castle" Board Game
Designer spacemunkee
Designed 2016
Inventory 856 parts
Theme Technic
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