Urmel aus dem Eis (Urmel from the Ice Age / Impy's Island)




A set of characters and props from the classic German children's book Urmel aus dem Eis (Urmel from the Ice Age) by Max Kruse (adopted as 2006 animated film Impy's Island).

In clock-wise order:
* Urmel (Impy), the dinosaur that hatched from an egg frozen into ice millions of years ago
* Professor Habakuk Tibatong (Professor Horatio Tibberton), Scientist on Titiwu (Tikiwoo) Island where he teaches animals human language
* Tim Tintenklecks, son of Tibatong
* Seele-Fant (Solomon), depressed elephant seal
* Wawa (Monty), the monitor lizard and proud occupant of the giant shell
* Ping, the penguin and envious wannabe shell owner
* The giant sea shell, and Wawa's home
* Schusch (Shoe), the shoebill
* Wutz (Peg), the pig and Tibatong's house keeper
* Center: The iceberg and egg. The egg can be slid into and taken out from an opening at the top of the ice.

The shell is a little fragile but can easily made sturdier if you have access to any plates (which set 10693 lacks).
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Name Urmel aus dem Eis (Urmel from the Ice Age / Impy's Island)
Designer CaptSteve
Designed 2017
Inventory 179
Theme System
Alternate Build of 10693-1 Creative Supplement
Gingerbread House
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