Electric switch / RC multiplexer (mux)




This compact switch allows you to use 1 power suply to control 2 different motors (2 different electric funtcions).

With this you can multiplex RC functions, for example you can switch between the drive and a pneumatic compressor, both using the RC-units power output.

The idea to invent this, was to add more funktions to the RC unit 6272c01
The challenge was to keep it as small as possible, and also keep the possibility of adding a gearbox.

This is reached with the construction between the 2 switches. It turns the axle by 60°; the result is allways 1 switch is turned ON, and the other one is OFF.

The micromotor can be controlled with the auxiliary output. After switching you can fine-control a compressor for example, with the 3 steps of poweroutput from the RC unit.
Depending on your MOC, you can also use the RC-units steering-servo-output instead the micro-motor.

Pros of this:

- you can use your aux-output now from low to high power 
- you can use strong motors with the aux output, because it uses now the RC-motors power-suply
- you can even add a gearbox to multiplex the servo-output of the RC-unit at the same time

-If you build it like in the LDD-file, it switches between 2 outputs, there is NO "off-position"
-if you also want an "off-postion" just remove the 2 yellow 1x1 bricks
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Name Electric switch / RC multiplexer (mux)
Designer Summse
Designed 2017
Inventory 10
Theme Technic
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