Fatboy 7600 Mk. I




Basic tracked vehicle chassis. Powered by 8 XL motors running two drive trains (4 motors per side) coupled together by a subtractor gear that's powered by an M motor. 
Chassis is attached by large shock absorber-equipped swing arms to two track modules which provide excellent clearance. The treads themselves are double-width, with the tracks joined together with lift arms for balance and traction. Each tread module features three bogeys, each bogey has two pairs of road wheels, and each pair of road wheels is articulated on its own suspension arm equipped with two shock absorbers. 
 Space available for either one or two LEGO rechargeable batteries, or BuWizz bricks. 
The whole design is modular. The motor module is installed into a chassis which features suspension arm mounting points and adds to general structural integrity. The front and rear ends are their own modules. Each tread module comprises of three individually built sub-modules.
Model dimensions are 69x50x29 studs, and it consists of 3,946 pieces, a little over 314 of which are chain links inside the motor module and suspension arms, and another 900 or so make up the treads.

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Name Fatboy 7600 Mk. I
Designer cykbryk
Designed 2017
Inventory 3947 parts
Theme Technic
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