31006 alternate Corvette C6




Features doors that open straight forward to more than 135° and the new coop-convertible technique Chevrolet is using for the Corvette (manually removable top which goes in back trunk).  This results in the rear windshield not being able to fold completely down to how it was, but the disparity is very small.

LDD would not allow an (interesting) technique I used to raise the roof between 0 and 1 studs.  All you need to do is take the black 1x6 plate (which is not attached at the end of the instructions, but contained therein) and place it on the 1x4 red plate (in the interior).  For some reason it would let it fit but not with in the 6 studs I wanted it.  This should be very simple, if you find anything too confusing, please message me.

I included the extra (the fourth) trans-red round tile for the taillights, however, I built it with the two trans-orange ones, it looks great less Corvette like.

Feel free to leave a comment, suggestion, or like.  Please have as much fun as I did!!
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Name 31006 alternate Corvette C6
Designer TeagueO
Designed 2017
Inventory 260 parts
Theme Creator > Basic Model > Race
Alternate Build of 31006-1 Highway Speedster
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