Vortex Class Scout Cruiser




This is a creation of VERLOC CORPORATION brickyard.

The fast and capable Vortex Class Scout Cruiser.

Features of this spaceship:
 Opening command bridge bay doors
 Command bridge completely lands and the crew can exit to explore
 Transport bay lands with exploration buggy in it
 The engines change their thrust vector for landing
 Wings act as the rear landing gear
 The command bridge is suitable for 3. The pilot, and two crew members (in hibernation)
 Two forward facing light positron blasters
 One rotating (360 degrees) and swiveling heavy charged laser cannon
Two rotating and swiveling accutron sniper cannons
 One complete electronic warfare radar array
 One targeting radar
 One far comm radar
 Two Quantum Vacuum Plasma thrusters with reverse vectoring made by VERLOC CORPORATION
 The model is very much playable and swoosh-able and it is sturdy.
 More pictures and some video on my site HERE
 You can find the Instructions for this model on my site HERE
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Name Vortex Class Scout Cruiser
Designer Verloc
Designed 2017
Inventory 929 parts
Theme Space
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Building Instructions For Sale

This is a Premium MOC, and the instructions to build it are being sold by the designer (Verloc)

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