Crane Mast Part 3




Undercarriage               about 2584 parts1 XL motor         Driving1 XL motor         Outriggers1 M motor         Steering5 M motors        Stamps Crane construction      about 854 parts1 L motor           Sliding mast1 XL motor         Slide outcounter weight1 XL motor         Mast up-down Crane mast                    about 1609 parts1 L motor           Turning mast  1 rechargeable battery4 IR receiverExtension wires short and long1 Actuator Firgelli  L12-EV3-100 Undercarriage long 1000 mm Crane height 1800 mm9 axes which 5 steerableCounterweightslide out (2x 500 gram lead grain) 70x40x35 mm
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Name Crane Mast Part 3
Designer peteria
Designed 2017
Inventory 1611
Theme Technic
Gingerbread House
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Submitted by nigel1975 PRO Sept. 8, 2018
Close up of the luffing jib. I winch/pulley system is used for lifting and lowering the lattice.

Next challenge is to build all the required winches into the main crane structure (and buy more string!)
Submitted by nigel1975 PRO Sept. 8, 2018
Close up of the Y guying. I liked that I could incorporate pneumatic functions. The arms are fragile but function when strings are in tension.

Pneumatic switches are located at the end of the boom to minimize the amount of tubing required. A single tube runs down the top of the boom and the idea is to route it through the turntable and have a hidden compressor and air-tank at the back of the crane chassis (there is room there to work with)
Submitted by nigel1975 PRO Sept. 8, 2018
Guying and lattice jib assembled and ready for lifting. Unfortunately the actuator will never lift the combined weight, human help is required!
Submitted by nigel1975 PRO Sept. 8, 2018
With less boom height the jib lattice can be lowered to give a wide lifting zone.

I have not tested how long I can build the lattice out before collapsing under its own weight.

I need more string  before I'm finished!
Submitted by nigel1975 PRO Sept. 8, 2018
Taking photos becomes interesting, it's difficult to capture the full scale of the MOC.

Here's a view from the jib looking down. Alignment of the jib lattice and main boom is dependent on tension of the Y guying.

Giving the construction of the two arms I would not expect to lift anything other than a very light load.
Submitted by nigel1975 PRO Sept. 8, 2018
After adding the Y guying and luffing lattice jib I needed to move the crane into the hallway!

With correct tension of strings the boom and jib were stable at a total height ~3m
Submitted by nigel1975 PRO Sept. 3, 2018
Boom is robust at about ~180cm height. With counterweight extended the boom has good operational lifting range 60-80deg.
Submitted by nigel1975 PRO Sept. 3, 2018
Maximum extension stands around 205cm. 3rd section of boom uses string for both extension and retraction.
Submitted by nigel1975 PRO Sept. 3, 2018
Minor MODs for aesthetics.
Submitted by nigel1975 PRO Sept. 3, 2018
Boom/Mast section mounted on undercarriage.