42056 Pimp up my Porsche




These are my compiled MODs for pimping up my 42056 Porsche 911 GT3 RS. 
- Includes free 315 pages PDF with step-by-step building instructions.
- You will need 283 additional parts to the original set 42056-1.  Use rebrickable's compare feature to see which parts you need.

Now improved with new front and rear axles with anti-roll bar (see change log)!

v1.0 (2017-05-04)
I started with adding all changes from Didumos Unofficial Errata
- This compilation contains some really cool changes and optimizations from the Lego community.

Then I added an easy to removable body from HispaBrick magazine

I took some ideas from Didumos69 Ultimately playable Porsche
- Ackerman steering allowing smaller curve radius
- Additional shock absorber and improved ground clearance for front axle => Very good idea for playability!
- Adding some stiffness to chassis for driving without body

Finally I optimized these features by my own:
- Adding "Hand-of-God" (HOG) steering easy accessible from the dash board
- Limited end positions at steering rack sliders
- Small optimizations for quick and easy remove of the body (dashboard included to body; better fixture of windscreen and seats) 
- Some small color changes underneath the body, but keeping alle the original shape and color from the outside
- Adding all my MODs to 3D model with MLCad starting from LDraw's Official Model Repository (OMR)
- Create full PDF building instructions with LPub3D
- Publish on Rebrickable.com

v1.1 (2017-06-10)
Added these improvements:
- remove pin clutch as suggested by Kumbbl
- Mount seats to body as suggested by DayWalker
- adjust front calipers as suggested by DayWalker

v1.2 (2017-07-08)
Added these improvements:
- gear box indicator, showing you which gear is selected as sugessted by DayWalker and Kumbbl
- working doorlocks based on the design of el Squatter and optimized by myself. 
- reinforced HOG steering

v1.2.1 (2018-04-06)
- Added missing part "axle pin long" (11214) on page 139
- Added missing part "pin long" (6558) on page 181

v1.3 (2018-04-28)
- Improved paddle shifter (smooth, easy and compact design)
- Thank to Didumos who inspired me with his Improved PDK shifter. He used blue 1/2 pins to guide the yellow knob gears in exactly the right position for a smooth movement during shifting. This is much better than the original design.
- I combined Didumos' geometry while keeping most of the original design and the easy to mount rubber bands on top. 

v1.4 (2019-01-25)
- Improved front and rear axles with anti-roll bar based on the design of DayWalker (works and looks really cool!).
- And with this new front axle HOG steering is smoother (simpler design, less friction and geared down a bit)
- If you already have build v1.3, here you will find the different parts and a rebrickable part list or bricklink part list with the additional parts you need to build v1.4

Have fun to pimp up your Porsche, if you like!
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Name 42056 Pimp up my Porsche
Designer jb70
Designed 2017
Inventory 2859 parts
Theme Technic
Modification of 42056-1 Porsche 911 GT3 RS


  • 2 months ago jindala Level 7
    This is awesome!!  are there any plans to make it motorized?
    • 2 months ago jb70 Level 16 Designed this MOC PRO
      No, all the benefits of this design are focused on technic, playability and perfect manual operation. There are other MOCs available focused on RC and motorization, but they take a completely different approach and target.
      • 2 months ago jindala Level 7
        Thanks a lot for the quick reply.. I saw many of your creations are motorized and great design. Wanted to know your take on this. I want to build motorized, and struggling on which one. I have another general question. Specifically on the Porsche and Bugatti, I see that most of the models have 2XL motors and only couple has 4L motors. I understand that the XL motor has low speed but high torque, but any insight on which configuration would be better 2XL or 4 L?
  • 6 months, 3 weeks ago szymanski1991 Level 11
    Just finished taking additional parts from my other sets, sorted everything and going to start building :)
  • 8 months, 3 weeks ago Sparky081 Level 6
    What means LS11 in the .mpd - file?
    • 8 months, 3 weeks ago jb70 Level 16 Designed this MOC PRO
      LS11.dat is an unofficial subpart from LSynth library. In old versions like v1.1 I used this library with MLCad to generate flexible parts like the rubber bands. In newer versions I used LDCad to generate flexible parts and LS11.dat is no longer used.
  • 11 months ago kahless1980 Level 9
    The 4 black pin is missing in instructions (1.4) 143 step 4

    In original lego instructions 286 step 419 give 6 black pins, in 1.4 only 2
    • 11 months ago jb70 Level 16 Designed this MOC PRO
      Well spotted! - You are right, there are missing 4 pins. 
      Thankx for your review! I will fix this and update my instructions...
  • 11 months, 1 week ago kevstechnic Level 10 MOC Designer
    Nice collection of mods all in the one design. Offers beautiful detailed enhancements over the original model.
  • 11 months, 1 week ago sitsia Level 7
    i have the 1.3 version. but i wonder about the 1.4 version.. those red springs.. is there another possible types of springs? like more common springs different color but same spring length/hardness or whatever its called. or if use the same springs as in the 1.3, would that have a bad effect on the 1.4 version?
    • 11 months, 1 week ago jb70 Level 16 Designed this MOC PRO
      There is no technical difference between yellow and red springs. Both are so called hard springs. I choosed the red ones, because they came with the original set. And the red ones are looking really cool together with the anti-roll-bar in red.
  • 1 year ago n0varino Level 4
    I'm currently Building this moc (page 74) and I've just finished the Basic steering functionality.
    Why would you want such a stiff steering? on page 71, there is not enough space for the parts, the Brown axle with the gear even bends a Little.
    • 1 year ago boochydog Level 12
      i will tell you that mine is really smooth when steering and everything fits well with no bending, but when i first put it together, i had the wrong size gear on the brown axle as shown on page 71 (12 teeth instead of 8), which made it stiff and the brown rod bend a bit at the next step on page 72.  all 3 gears should be the same size as shown on page 72 (all 8 teeth).  maybe this helps?
      • 1 year ago n0varino Level 4
        thank you so much, that was exactly my mistake! works smooth now Just like you would normally expect.
        Thanks again!
        • 1 year ago boochydog Level 12
          ha, funny we did the exact same mistake.  just keep on building - it's a great build and i will be getting one of the wicked brick stands for mine when i am done.
  • 1 year, 1 month ago blueseed Level 14
    let us save the lego official design....
  • 1 year, 1 month ago blueseed Level 14
    lego officer should come to see this update。。。。
  • 1 year, 1 month ago szymanski1991 Level 11
    Oh man. You killed me with last update. I bought myself every part needed for building this moc in start of december, planned to start this weekend and... I need to make new order on bricklink xD
    Huh, I see that I'll wait more :D
  • 1 year, 2 months ago jb70 Level 16 Designed this MOC PRO
    Release v1.4 is now available with new features:
    - optimized front and rear axles with anti-roll bar
    • 1 year, 2 months ago boochydog Level 12
      Thanks for the update! If I’m building this right now and I’m on page 14, has anything changed up to this point and do I need new parts from the v1.3 build to build v1.4? Thanks!!
      • 1 year, 2 months ago boochydog Level 12
        going through the differences between v1.3 and v1.4, it looks like there are 89 different parts needed to complete v1.4 if i have already purchased all the extra parts for v1.3, with the most expensive parts being the 2 red hard spring shocks.  i was able to get all 89 parts from one source for less than $20 delivered, so i am going with that.  thanks for this update!
      • 1 year, 2 months ago jb70 Level 16 Designed this MOC PRO
        Nothing changed until page 14. With v1.4 there are only changes in the front and rear axle modules. These are the differences in part lists between v1.3 and v1.4.
        • 1 year, 2 months ago boochydog Level 12
          cool, got it.  i used that list to add the remaining parts i needed.  those were all pretty cheap.  thanks!
    • 1 year, 1 month ago OleJka Level 16 MOC Designer
      Hey! Thanks for the new update! i will definitely pimp up mine Porsche!
    • 1 year, 1 month ago mdublak Level 12 PRO
      The changes from v1.4 are related to chassis only? Don't need to modify the body?
      • 1 year, 1 month ago jb70 Level 16 Designed this MOC PRO
        Yes, even most parts of the chassis kept unchanged, only the front and rear axle modules have changed.
    • 1 year, 2 months ago boochydog Level 12
      congrats on finishing this build.  quick question here.  i have the set and all the extra parts here for this build.  it appears the majority of the new parts are used in the beginning.  when i go through the build with the pimp instructions, will opening Box 1 and using the addtional parts be enough to get to Box 2 without opening it, or will I need to use parts in the other boxes at the beginning to complete the pimp?
  • 1 year, 2 months ago Fury Level 10
    I finished the build today, it‘s really a great MOC with very good instructions! Thank you very much for your work, sharing it for free!  Fantastic!
  • 1 year, 2 months ago Parra_Eels Level 6
    I have had the pleasure of building both versions, and it really does get "Pimped Up". The simple solutions to some of the inherent issues are well thought out and resolved those annoying issues that bugged me ever since I built the original version. Thanks heaps for the MOC I hope others had the same pleasure in building it as I did.
  • 1 year, 3 months ago nigel1975 Level 24 PRO
    Thanks for combining all these modifications and producing a great set of instructions. I wanted to buy the Porsche when it was originally released, but never did based on a lot of negative feedback I read. However after sourcing a lot of orange parts for Loxlego's Dodge Viper and brunojj1's McLaren P1 (both great MOCs) I had pretty much everything needed for the pimped Porsche. I really enjoyed the build and it looks great and is very playable. Although, as I haven't built the original, I can't really comment on all the improvements. Will be adding some photos soon.
    • 1 year, 2 months ago nigel1975 Level 24 PRO
      Finally got around to adding some photos. Now I can start planning my next MOC build.
  • 1 year, 3 months ago Ivorrr Level 8
    Just finished the build - fantastic.
    Great job! 
    Thank you!
  • 1 year, 4 months ago Chris__Johan Level 6
    Hey. I'm currently working on this MOC, but I'm having a problem with the PDF on page 55 and 56. There are 4 technic pins inserted in the model on these pages, but I cant figure out where. Could you help a man out? If you could say where the pieces are supposed to go, or have the LDD file for the model, as I cant open the MPD file. Thanks 
    • 1 year, 4 months ago jb70 Level 16 Designed this MOC PRO
      I think, you refer to step 55 and 56 on page 44 and 45. The pins connect the two panels that are added in these steps. It may be obvious, but indeed you could not see where the pins should go to.

      So thanks for your feedback!
      I just have uploaded new building instructions to make it more clear.
      • 1 year, 4 months ago Chris__Johan Level 6
        Lovely! I rarely put together such elaborate sets and I like knowing I get everything right before final assembly. Thanks for answer and hopefully this will help someone in the future
        • 1 year, 4 months ago boochydog Level 12
          yea, it will help me in about a week!  i have half of my extra parts delivered and the other half are coming from the UK.  i just downloaded the new instruction version - i assume this new version has all the errata to date incorporated into it?.  thanks!!
  • 1 year, 4 months ago boochydog Level 12
    i am just about to start this pimped out build.  bought the 42056 set and the 241 extra parts needed for the build.  downloaded the PDF instructions.  should be fun!!
    • 1 year, 4 months ago Chris__Johan Level 6
      Have you managed to find out where the 4 technic pins on page 55 and 56 go? I won't build further until I find out in fear of something not working properly
      • 1 year, 4 months ago boochydog Level 12
        hi.  not yet.  i have the base model and am awaiting my bricklink to be delivered this week.  hopefully i can get going over thanksgiving weekend.  i will give you a heads-up when i see something. in my PDF, page 55 shows a finished component being put into the frame and page 56 shows a new component being started.  are you referring to the page in the PDF counter or the page in the actual build manual?  thanks!
        • 1 year, 4 months ago Chris__Johan Level 6
          I'm on PDF page 44 and 45, build step 55 and 56. There are combined 4 black 2x1 pins split between the two steps, together with bent panels on the two pages, making up the midsection
  • 1 year, 5 months ago remila Level 5

    does anyone has any problem with the PDK?

    mine is not shifting almost at all. I have to help it on the yellow ring from the outside to return back to desired position after shifting :(


    • 1 year, 4 months ago jb70 Level 16 Designed this MOC PRO
      The paddle shifter unit itself doesn't work very well. It needs to be connected to the gearbox to work properly.
      Or you may use your finger to add some friction to the outcoming axle to test the unit alone.
      • 1 year, 4 months ago remila Level 5

        I have it fully assembled in the car. Have tried it back and forth. disassembled it few times :(
        • 1 year, 4 months ago jb70 Level 16 Designed this MOC PRO
          OK! Hm...
          I would try to disassemble the paddle shifter unit and test both the unit itself as described above and the gearbox itself by turning the shifting axle which is connected to the gearbox. Both devices should rest in defined positions every 90 degrees of the shifting axle. By this way you may detect your weak point.

          Good luck!
          • 1 year, 4 months ago remila Level 5
            did both :)

            the gearbox is working great with no problem at all.

            I have only issues with the reworked paddle shifter.

            The yellow things tend not to return to the correct position after shifting so they would be pressed agains the blue half pins.

            But the MOC, instructions and the overall experience was great.

            Thanks for the effort put in it.

            all works great but the paddle-shifter :)
    • 1 year, 4 months ago jb70 Level 16 Designed this MOC PRO
      Mine works great and smooth.
      So, let's wait, if others have the same problem...
      • 1 year, 4 months ago remila Level 5
        hmmm, thats strange. must have missed something :(
      • 1 year, 3 months ago Chris__Johan Level 6
        Having the same problem with the paddle shifter now. It works rarely for one shift, but not at all in the return shift. Also my back wheels turns one direction each for some reason
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