the Boxer - Dwarven Exosuit




And in the left corner we haaaaaaaave....... the Boxer! A dwarven exosuit, powered by some crazy green concoction. Safe to say them dwarfs were far ahead of their time. Not only do they know how to build machines, they also use green energy! This exosuit can wield tools, weapons, you name it. But it can manage perfectly fine with just them good ol' iron fists.

This is the first time I've build a steampunk(ish) MOC. My favorite LEGO theme is Castle, so whenever I build something I tend to go Castle themed. But sometimes I just want to build a car or robot or a train. Those things don't go so well with my Castle mindedness. So when I was putting together some dwarf mini-figs it finally came to me. Dwarfs are superhandy and real tinkers, so dwarfs can build cars and robots and trains and stuff. I found my loophole :D and this is the result :)

PS. you can click on the Bricksafe link for a working 360 gif
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Name the Boxer - Dwarven Exosuit
Designer Jansen13
Designed 2017
Parts 62
Theme Castle > Fantasy Era
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