Variation of JKBrickworks Particle Accelerator using more common parts




A few days back, I stumbled upon Jason Alleman's (JKBrickworks) brilliant idea of a Lego Particle Accelerator (MOC-2247). I immediately wanted to build it ... but I did not have parts for it since it uses some rare parts. So I tried building it with currently available parts. This is the result.

Its not as aesthetic and robust as the original, but it works and it is made of more readily available parts.

The balls are from

It will work fine on any smooth flat surface. The video shows it on a glass table.

I have used a train remote and IR receiver to control the speed. It helps to start at a lower speed when injecting the balls. Then gradually increase speed using the train remote.

The speed of the M motor is increased using 3 stages of 24-tooth gear and 8-tooth gear combination. Thus, each stage increases the speed by 3 times for a total speedup of 27 times. I have built the speedup mechanism using parts available with me. There is nothing sacrosanct about the design ... you can build it however you want as long as you achieve a similar speedup.

The LXF file does not include the IR Receiver since I could not find it in LDD. Also, the LXF file shows the speedup mechanism next to the tracks instead of being attached to the tracks. For some reason, LDD did not allow me to attach it to the tracks, possibly because of space constraints. In practice, it attaches just fine (as seen in the video).
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Name Variation of JKBrickworks Particle Accelerator using more common parts
Designer iiLego
Designed 2017
Inventory 92
Theme Technic
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