EV3 Chebyshev’s plantigrade machine




Chebyshev is considered to be a founding father of Russian mathematics. Among his well-known students were the mathematicians Dmitry GraveAleksandr KorkinAleksandr Lyapunov, and Andrei Markov

About Chebyshev’s plantigrade machine:  The Chebyshev's Lambda Mechanism[1] is a four-bar mechanism that converts rotational motion to approximate straight-line motion with approximate constant velocity.[2] The precise design trades off straightness, lack of acceleration, and what proportion of the driving rotation is spent in the linear portion of the full curve.[3]
The example to the right spends over half of the cycle in the near straight portion.
The Chebyshev's Lambda Mechanism is a cognate linkage of the Chebyshev linkage.
The linkage was first shown in Paris on the Exposition Universelle (1878) as "The Plantigrade Machine".[4][5]
The Chebyshev's Lambda Mechanism looks like the Greek letter lambda, therefore the linkage is also known as Lambda Mechanism.[6]

This model by Nguyen Duc Thang design: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s76NNfQN9bI
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Name EV3 Chebyshev’s plantigrade machine
Designer Artem 16
Designed 2017
Inventory 212 parts
Theme Mindstorms > EV3
Old Trafford
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