V-35 Courier landspeeder




SoroSuub is proud to present the very latest in luxury transport - the V-35 Courier. Featuring a spacious two-humanoid compartment and and topside flexible rumble seat or cargo space, struggling with luggage is a thing of the past. The cutting edge repulsorlift drive and tri-thrust turbine arrangement can take you to a maximum cruising speed of 120 kilometers per hour. Whether you're traversing the dunes of Tatooine or the busy highways of Corellia, the V-35 Courier is the vehicle for you! 

My version of the V-35 landspeeder is 25 studs / 20cm long, comprising 279 pieces. The colour scheme can be easily changed for different paint jobs. Red parts within the inventory can be any colour.
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Name V-35 Courier landspeeder
Designer RenegadeClone
Designed 2014
Inventory 279 parts
Theme Star Wars > Star Wars Episode 4/5/6
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