Vulture Flying Rig and Landing Platform




Marvel's the Vulture's flying rig and a compatible landing pad
Inspired by Spiderman: Homecoming. Not created according to pics, but by impression.
Design includes:
 - Each wing has 3 independent moving parts, including forwards and backwards movement, and separate "feather" movement.
 - A repulsor engine in each wing. Can rotate independently in all direction in its socket.
 - Rig fits on minifig. Adaptor is from the Ultra Agents Drillex set (70168)
 - Feet clamps, like in the movie (In the movie I thought these claws were the nicest touch to the rig)
 - Landing pad. Rig can attach to it, In a height that fits a minifig standing on the clamps.
 - Very playable, as tested by my overzealous and overexcited 5.5 and 4 year olds

I also include a stop motion flick giving an example of all the above. It's my first ever stop motion flick and I would love to know what you think.

Parts are from all over the collection, and I don't actually have all the colors as they appear in the instructions, so my pictures differ in some ways than the instructions. The Vulture rig in the movie appears to be gray. I used green, both because it makes it more interesting, and because green is the traditional color of the Vulture in the comics.

Enjoy. Comments and suggestions very welcome :)
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Name Vulture Flying Rig and Landing Platform
Designer LegoOri
Designed 2017
Inventory 186
Theme Super Heroes > Spider-Man
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