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  • 2 years ago jokey02 (5351) MOC Designer
    You're a quick builder. I just have the London bus for only a few weeks on my desk, and you have an alternate already. Nice!.
    I made an instruction of this model http://www.mybricks4u.com/uploads/6/7/8/0/6780867/10258_bulli.pdf so I can build it as soon as I broke down the bus. Ofcourse everyone may use this instructions, however I made some little changes in the design, mostly for construction purposes.
    As in the original, the (dark) blue parts represent the missing Brick 1X1X1 2/3, W/ Vert. Knobs in LDD
    • 2 years ago xx1Andi (2928) MOC Designer
      Hello,  Wow thank you so much for making an instruction. :).  Great.  Br Andi
    • 2 years ago zhuangchunlin (117)
      Thank you for the instruction! I used this instruction to build it. However, I found the front of the model, the doors and the exhaust pipe are not very well. They are very easy to fall off. Do you have some alternatives ?
      • 2 years ago xx1Andi (2928) MOC Designer
        You are right, espacially the exhaust mad me mad ;). But to be honest I didn´t find a better way to build due to lack of light bluish parts. The doors are more or less optical than plaable. The front could be improved with with some more bricks (87087 11211 or 30414). Nevertheless thank you for your feedback. BR Andi
  • 2 years ago LegoOri (67327) MOC Designer PRO
    Looks totally professional. Like it was a second build in the box. Amazing work!
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