This sheet is mirrored with 15 stickers.
1. Heartlake Shopping Mall (6x12 Modified Tile)
2. Mirror with Pink Scroll Border(1x2x5 Brick)
3. Bright Light Blue, Lime & Magenta Flowers with Leaves (2x4x2/3 Curved Slope - will fit 2x4 Tile)
4. Magenta Water Lily and Silver Mirrored Border(2x4 Tile)
5. Perfume Bottle, Necklace and Handkerchief(1x2x5 Brick - will fit 2x4 tile)
6. Two Nail Polish Bottles and '12'  in Pricing Label (1x2x1 Panel - will fit 1x2 Tile)
7. Car Grill with Curved Magenta Stripe and 4 Stud Flower (2x4x2/3 Curved Slope - will fit 2x4 Tile)
8. Magenta Shopping Bag with White Shoe (1x2 Tile)
9-10. Mirror for 1x2x2 Brick or Panel
11. Makeup and Brushes - Magenta Top Right (1x2x2/3 Slope - will fit 1x2 Tile)
12. Makeup and Brushes - Magenta Bottom Right (1x2x2/3 Slope - will fit 1x2 Tile)
13-14. License Plate with Dolphin and 'FH 058' (1x4 Modified Plate with 2 Studs - will fit 1x2 Tile)
15. Magenta Water Lily on Bright Light Blue Background (1x2 Tile)

Available Colors

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