It looks like this Part has been superseded by LEGO Part 10201 Bracket 1 x 2 - 1 x 4 [Rounded Corners].




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Part 2436 may have square or rounded corners. For the latter variant use entry 10201.

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  • 4¬†years, 7¬†months ago zayoo (526)
    There are two types of 2436: with square corners and with round corners.
    3677 (Red cargo train) - yellow (2436 square) on the yellow truck + light bluish gray (2436 round) on the wagon to carry the truck (Yes, they mix two types of 2436 in the same set!)
    7939 (Yellow cargo train) - black (2436 round) on the red truck
    60052 (Blue cargo train), white (2436 round) on the green truck
    I also got a white 2436 and a black 10201 from a pile of random bricks. Both have round corners and I can tell no difference.
    Therefore, I suggest to rename 2436 into 2436a, 10201 into 2436b, map LEGO 2436 to both, and map LEGO 10201 to 2436b.
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There are 3 Mold variations of part 2436 - Bracket 1 x 2 - 1 x 4 [Square Corners] in the database, in use between 1987 to 2018. See Molds and other related Parts.

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