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  • 6 years ago biodreamer (21K) MOC Designer PRO
    yeah I wish the exact match came first in the search list, I don't mind the near matches being there. it is usually good. but if you search for a short number ID it's drown in unecissary parts or sets that I have no intresst in what so ever.

    And about the sticker parts, why don't you guys add them as excluded pieces, like you do with sticker sheets? That way they do come up as in a set but isn't required for the build process. However some of them are reusable and I could build MOCs with them. atleast until you get alternate pieces as a feature. in that case it would have been better with part without sticker OR part with sticker.
    • All part of the long term plan... if you can find me a way to quit my day job I'll be happy to spend more time getting this done faster :)
      • 6 years ago biodreamer (21K) MOC Designer PRO
        quiting a job isn't usually a problem it's not keeping the upcoming paycheck when doing so that's the flaw in doing so. if you guys have a good admin interface I could help, I don't feel like writing SQL syntaxes todo the job.
  • 6 years ago ukraineman (2K)
    When I had done searches on a part number before it would bring up all variations of the part. Now when I search it only brings up the specific part and I have to re-search using part of the item description to bring up the variations (different printing patterns, etc.). Is this a programming change? My guess is that it was done to eliminate the unnecessary items that come up with 0 parts. Those have actually still been helpful as parts with stickers sometimes have the set notated and enable me to find what part goes with which set...

    Is this the case now?
    • 6 years ago theskirrid (83K) MOC Designer ADMIN
      Yes, Nathan is tweaking searches. Now, an exact match will bring up that part, and a partial match brings up all related parts. We're looking for edge cases and tweaking it.<br>I use the search a thousand times a day, so it'll be right!
      • 6 years ago ukraineman (2K)
        Hahahaha...1,000x a day, that's a lot of searching. I want to echo biodreamer in that if there's a good interface I would be willing to help enter info but I'm no good with code. This is THE best Lego resource I've found and I am so thankful to you guys to have this available...
    • Sorry, broke something there. Should be better now.
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