Part Details

LEGO Part 71075 - Brick, Round 1 x 1 x 1 2/3

1995 to 2004
This part appears 40 times in 13 sets.
This part appears 137 times in 24 MOCs.
This part is in 110 user's loose parts lists.
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Other sites may know this part under a different ID:
LDraw ID (Search): 71075a
BrickLink ID: 71076
BrickOwl ID: 667239
Peeron ID: 71076
LEGO ID (PAB): 71075
LEGO Element IDs: 71075

Part Usage

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Chrome Silver
40 parts in 13 sets
123 parts in 23 MOCs
163 parts used in total
Not used in any sets
14 parts in 1 MOC
14 parts used in total