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  • 3 days, 22 hours ago Kvoo Level 3
    Hey! So which set(s) would I need for this, just the star destroyer set? Or is buying the bricks separately cheaper?
  • 2 weeks ago semektet Level 8
    Just finished building the set. Awesome build, very clever and fun. Quite strong and durable as well.
    Thanks Raskolnikov for making the instructions available and looking forward to your Mon Calamari cruiser!
  • 1 month ago EDGE OF BRICKS Level 13 MOC Designer
    Hi Raskolnikov, I have question :) I have instructions, and have problems with page 248 - there are few collision points, I can't put all section because this don't fit - 3x6 wedges on the front are overlap. I have instructions v1.0
    • 1 month ago raskolnikov Level 10 Designed this MOC
      Hmm, are you building it digitally? The frame's technically illegal but it should work fine in bricks.
  • 4 months ago cwalker81 Level 3
    hey raskolnikov, thanks so much for these! bought the AT-AT design and parts for my nephew two Christmases ago, and he loves it. have just bought the instructions (and have 99% of the parts for) this Interdictor as well - it will be his Christmas present this year.
    can you tell me how many minifigs can be seated inside the Interdictor? and can you share the dimensions of the final build? thanks so much!! :)
    • 4 months ago raskolnikov Level 10 Designed this MOC
      Sure, glad you liked the AT-AT! Not sure what the interdictor's maximum capacity is, but I'd recommend a crew of around seven. The bridge compartment seats three, there's space in the tower for a pilot, and then you can put three or so engineers/off-duty crew in the hallways/crew quarters. I'll update w/ the dimensions when I find my measuring tape.
      • 3 months, 4 weeks ago cwalker81 Level 3
        Fantastic, thanks very much for that. Will put together a 7-person minifig crew for a follow up gift next year then! Appreciate the dimensions when you get a chance, and thanks for replying. :)
  • 7 months, 3 weeks ago machommcan Level 7
    Hey quick Question. Is this to scale your bigger 15,000 piece star destroyer?
    • 7 months, 3 weeks ago raskolnikov Level 10 Designed this MOC
      Good question lol. When I started this it was based on the 600-meter Immobilizer 418, making it to scale with the Tyrant or Victory-class Aggressor. At the time, the Immobilizer had been consigned to Legends. But then Rebels brought interdictors back, and I incorporated some features from the Rebels interdictor although it seemed to be a bigger ship. How much bigger wasn't clear until some recent encyclopedia identified it as a 1129-meter "Interdictor-class Star Destroyer." At some point after Rebels, the 600-meter Immobilizer made its way back into canon, too, but I'm not sure what it looks like anymore.
      Long story short, everything kind of works out. I can say mine's an Immobilizer. People with an ISD Aggressor can say it's an Interdictor-class Star Destroyer (should be like 4 inches longer, but not bad imo).
      • 7 months, 3 weeks ago machommcan Level 7
        Wow I can't believe I got a response (and by no other than the genius behind this epic ship). Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I only asked because some people were selling some rebel ships that were scale to your ISD and I was wondering if this would scale to those. One more question, what do you estimate the cost of this to be. I really do want to try this but I don't think I can manage $1000... :P
        • 7 months, 3 weeks ago raskolnikov Level 10 Designed this MOC
          I haven’t checked recently, but I thought it was around $600–doesn’t really use anything too rare, but plates and tiles can exceed $.10/per sometimes.
  • 1 year ago Sowneyy Level 4
    Hi can you maybe make Moc again but more afordable with less pieces so less of those blank plates so there are less pieces and you can stick your minifigures everywere and it costs less
    • 1 year ago Sowneyy Level 4
      and less details for less pieces i mean 4500 pieces are a lot
    • 1 year ago raskolnikov Level 10 Designed this MOC
      Heh, my to-do list already is a little long, you're welcome to try to build a modified version from the instructions, though. Omitting a lot of the tiles on the interior and exterior certainly would cut down on the cost. Interior space is pretty maximized already, though--could probably fit 10 minifigs in there. The interdiction field generators on the interior aren't taking up usable space, since that's where the large hinges for the top panels go when they're closed.
    • 11 months, 4 weeks ago gradientArray Level 11 MOC Designer
      Idk how high your standards are with builds, but I will always take quality over price. Sure it is expensive but the reward of having the absolute best quality build is great. Cheap and low quality is just... meh.. But it depends on how accurate you want with your builds. If I were you I might just stick with the sets LEGO makes.
  • 1 year, 2 months ago DanielS Level 5
    Big thumbs up, this is an awesome build
    OMG 115 pages instruction manual
  • 1 year, 9 months ago TyGl200 Level 4
    Are you planning on doing more cruisers? Maybe some from the Republic...
  • 1 year, 10 months ago Fulinkazan Level 9
    What would you estimate the parts cost is?
    • 1 year, 8 months ago Kehtooni Level 12
      I just paid 526 Euro for all parts, shipping & handling and instructions
      • 1 year ago Sowneyy Level 4
        your german, arent you?
        du bist deutsch, nicht wahr?
  • 1 year, 10 months ago aegir Level 13 MOC Designer
    Awesome MOC! Splendid interior job with nice detailing. Thank you for sharing!
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