The sets only consists of
- 2 masks (random between all the listed ones, which included some misprints like komau or matatu in black, brown, blue, green, red and white and the KauKau in Trans Medium Blue and in Trans Fire Orange), ususally with 1 Great Kanohi (Akakaku, Hau, Kakama, KauKau, Miru and Pakari) and 1 Noble Kanohi (Huna, Mahiki, Komau, Ruru, Rau, and Matatu)
- 1 brain eye connector (in one random of the six colors listed),
- 1 Bionicle head connector in light gray
- 2 cross axle length 3.

And another mask can be found in there, the Infected Hau, wich appears too in the set Muaka and Kane Ra (8583-1).

If you own this set and you want to add this correctly to your list, there are 2 option:
- Add the needed parts to a partlist
- Add the entire set to your set-list, and put all parts that are not in you set on 'Missing this part'
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Name Kanohi Mask Pack - US Version
Released 2001
Parts 95
Theme Bionicle
Reviews Brickset
Catalog BrickLink
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B.I. Brick Instructions

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