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Hello ( ^_^ )

i enjoy converting creator model sets into minifig compatible ones.  And I don't mean just placing a minifig on the vehicle.  I want to scale it down to 6 studs wide if possible(8 if you count the protruding wheels and side mirrors)  so i can display them within my Lego City

I also love making mechs, but not the bionicle ones.  Not a fan of technic builds either, but i do enjoy some if the moc is really cool looking.

recently, my neice and i started converting her Lego friends sets into something "less cartoonish", so i might upload some too, if i got time to make digital copies.

If you like my work, you can help me out by donating at https://paypal.me/abokadoShake


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  • 1 week ago Abokado (7K) MOC Designer
    except for the toy shop, the rest of the 2020 creator sets looks uninspiring :(     I also have mixed feelings about the 8 stud wide speed champions.  The friends line-up is starting too look too childish to be incorporated in my city.  What's up with Lego nowadays.

    well, at least there are plenty of mechs in ninjago and marvel so i guess i won't complain much.
  • 1 month, 1 week ago Abokado (7K) MOC Designer
    i'm normally not a fan of non-minifig-scaled builds, but i like this one.   nice design.
  • 1 month, 1 week ago Abokado (7K) MOC Designer
    i love what you did with that slanted 2 tone-color design.  great job.
  • 2 months ago Abokado (7K) MOC Designer
    thanks  i run out of 1x1 studs, so i had to use the flowers. :D
  • 2 months ago Abokado (7K) MOC Designer
    i agree.  to be honest, i never liked the official build of the set.  but this is still my favorite friends set because it's moc-ability rivals those of the creator line.