Ljungby, Sweden

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My first set was 8854 Power Crane. I loved it so much, and I still do because I still have it! :)

Then I did`nt buy/get anything new until I saw the realese of Slizers/Throwbots. So I got 8523 Blaster Slizer and 8500 Fire Slizer as birthday gifts. I were so happy I cried!

Just a little later same year a friend of mine gave me his 8226 Mud Masher, for no reason... "Thank you so much!" That`s all :p

And then I had a really long "paus" before I started buying sets again some month ago. And lots of sets! Every set except those I counted eariler have I bought until today! feel like a happy boy again (a happy 30 year old boy...)


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  • 3¬†years, 9¬†months ago Amahrodon Level 12
    One the most awesome and advanced MOCs I`ve ever seen :D