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  • 4 months, 3 weeks ago BGaines_064 (178) MOC Designer
    The set descriptions for the Juniors and 4+ themes on the LEGOSHOP website state very clearly, not that the intent is to get children playing sooner, but that the intent is to build their confidence in building with LEGO pieces.  Confidence building, in my mind, is especially important for younger builders who are growing up outside of the golden age of DUPLO.  Note that the minimum recommended age for these sets is 4 years old; when I was 4, I would have enjoyed having a mix of large and small pieces, not because it got the model finished sooner, but because it was a simpler process than assembling a bunch of assorted plates, bricks and 4x4 wedge bricks into an airplane, as in the case of the Outback Airstrip.  That said, I was less than impressed with the Jack Stone sets when those finally came out, but that was mostly due to the size of the minifigs; though, LEGO did redeem themselves somewhat on that front when the Harry Potter sets first came out (Hagrid).  I don't personally agree with how LEGO designed the airplane bases for their Juniors/4+ airport set as far as versatility goes, but they have a place, and besides, the large plates that form the wings of the 4+ TIE Fighter look like they could be easily adapted into larger MOC's.  As for being 'overpriced', well, we AFOL's all remember the days when the Shop at Home catalog had an entire two pages dedicated to sets "All Under $10!", but the fact is, those days are, sadly, long gone, mostly due to a certain mystical energy field - surrounding all of global industry - called 'Inflation'.  Keep in mind, LEGO is a Danish company, not a North American one.