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  • 6¬†years, 6¬†months ago Bricks4Evr Level 8
    Hi. Great site. Great review! I just finished this set myself. The issue of "jerky motion" when retracting the boom is due to the worm gear ,(located on top of the boom), that drives the extension/retraction function. It can slip forward / backward a bit on it's axel. When retracting, the worm gear moves reaward as far as it can, then begins to turn the gears that move the rack gears. But then gravity causes the boom section to slip down, forcing the worm gear forward. A delay occurs while the worm gear moves rearward again. I solved this by making a thin shim from plastic sheet ,(the type some products are packaged in). Install the shim infront of or behind the worm gear. Thanks again for such a usefull site.