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  • 1¬†month ago BricksFeeder (4803) MOC Designer
    Thank you! :) I just upgraded the MOC of GrantMaster! ;) Yes It could be cool!
  • 4¬†months, 2¬†weeks ago BricksFeeder (4803) MOC Designer
    Thank you! :) Ha Ha ha Nice expression (Nuclear Power Plant going through a Melt Down) ;) Yes The legs are not very stable as I say in the video and the MOC description. I designed this MOC quickly for a LEGO Convention so... It's not perfect at all! :)
  • 5¬†months ago BricksFeeder (4803) MOC Designer
    The instructions should have downloaded in your download file, I think. Have you search a file name "Blade Runner 2049 Spinner (Peugeot).lxf" ?