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  • 20 hours ago Bundy Level 11 MOC Designer
    Hi Aldimambro, I somehow overlooked your comment. From you description, I am not sure I understand your problem. The usual problems are: Cube turns too hard (you need a speed cube), battery to low (try good batteries, not rechargeable) or coding errors. If you can, you might want to upload a video (e.g. youtube) to explain the problem. Again, Sorry for the late reply.
  • 20 hours ago Bundy Level 11 MOC Designer
    HI Kiriart, sorry for the late answer. I did not see your comment before. I corrected the upload now. You can access the correct file for the Weight-Booster, now. However, I hope you still enjoyed the Ball-Booster instructions.
  • 20 hours ago Bundy Level 11 MOC Designer
    Hi Davipingu, sorry for uploading the wrong file. I hope you enjoyed the other instructions as well. I uploaded the correct instructions for the weight-Booster now.
  • 1 month ago Bundy Level 11 MOC Designer
    Hallo, deutsche Version ist seit Januar ebenfalls im Dpwloadbereich verfügbar. Viel Spaß damit.
  • 4 months, 1 week ago Bundy Level 11 MOC Designer
    Hi GM1940,
    as stated, it is just an example! Read the instructions from the beginning. You have to get the solving movements from a cube solving website. The you build your solving algorithm in the main program and you should put the initialisation routine as the first block, as shown in the example.