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  • 3 years ago Crowkillers Level 11 MOC Designer
    I guess if you get creative that you can come up with another solution possibly using other red parts.. People can build the seats or any part of the model however they want and not according to how the instructions say.. I doubt most people will be using the black steering arms as they are really rare..  Maybe I'll try and do a redesign of the seats as I can probably do a better job on them and eliminate the rare parts.. To be honest, I have about 100 of them and didn't realize that they were as hard to find as they were...
  • 3 years, 2 months ago Crowkillers Level 11 MOC Designer
    Slight error on page 25.. The 1 x 1 round connector in the 5 x 7 open frame should be held in place with a dark blue gray 3L axle pin and the axle end will insert into the axle hole of the black 3L pin with bush on the next page.. We added these 1 x 1 parts late in the instruction process to make sure that people would not place the differentials incorrectly..
  • 3 years, 2 months ago Crowkillers Level 11 MOC Designer
    It wasn't so rare back when I started designing this.. There were over 150 sellers that had them.. Now there are under 80.. Considering this part was just in the 9398 set, I am surprised that Lego does not have any in stock.. There was some kind of kinetic sculpture that used 70 of them that I guess people were buying them for.. I guess black will work, it may look a bit odd, but it is completely up to the builder as to what they want to do.
  • 3 years, 2 months ago Crowkillers Level 11 MOC Designer
    Final Instructions with the small errors fixed now uploaded..