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  • 6 hours ago (6285) MOC Designer DESIGNER
    hello, please answer to your purchase confirmation. that you can not open the pdf then send you our support the pdf again.

    to Bricklink, you have to go to wanted / upload and switch to Bricklink upload XML. then just insert the XML code and you're done.

    Alternatively, you can also order the remodeling parts in our shop. you can calculate it on bricklink and then compare it with our shop. Due to the shipping costs in several shops, we are often the cheap alternative ;-)

    best regards
  • 2 weeks, 2 days ago (6285) MOC Designer DESIGNER
    hello, the powerfunction drive the axle. The engine has too much friction, slows down the model and strains the battery too much. If I only push the model I want to turn the motor. when i ride it rc i want to have fun. ;-) regards
  • 1 month, 4 weeks ago (6285) MOC Designer DESIGNER
    Yes, you can change the steering mod and please use the function "compare Moc with anouther" to see the parts. regards
  • 2 months ago (6285) MOC Designer DESIGNER
    Thanks for the Information. If you buy our Instruction, there are all components including pneumatic hose, Rubber Belt... as XML-Code. Regards
  • 2 months, 2 weeks ago (6285) MOC Designer DESIGNER
    hello, many have tried it but we are the only ones who made the conversion right :) with the new RC functions, the suspension is not affected. the suspension is the best of the whole model. with the servo our steering has no play. that makes driving much more fun ;-) best regards