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Hello everyone! Here you can find many of my Lego Creations but the full list of them is present on the Youtube channel linked below.They are all built digitally in LDD following what I learned in the past with real Legos.
Unfortunately I have too many creations and too big (sometimes thousands of bricks) to build them in real life so keep in mind that they are not all "tested" in real life.

Luckily who follows me tried to built some of them and they always seems to work properly without break up :D Just keep in mind sometimes you need to change some colours to achieve the final result.

In the end I would like to remind you that on the YT channel you can find FREE video instructions for all the projects while here you can buy the original LDD file.

For more informations, discount, questions or anything else please don't hesitate contacting me.
Have a nice building time!


Recent Comments

  • 1 day, 12 hours ago DarthDesigner (7034) MOC Designer
    I have already made the bigger version in the past :D Actually it was my very first creation ever!
    Unfortunately this also mean it needs an huge update D:
  • 4 weeks ago DarthDesigner (7034) MOC Designer
    Good idea. In the video I have made two kinds of rotors just because I wasn't so sure about this one too.
    Maybe I'll try your advice next time :)
  • 4 weeks ago DarthDesigner (7034) MOC Designer
    The Rafale is READY, it will be uploaded this saturday or next week!!! :)
    You can find a little spoiler in my latest lego project video, the CH-46 ;)
  • 2 months, 3 weeks ago DarthDesigner (7034) MOC Designer
    I don't actually "plan" anything but just follow the moment you know ahha However I'll make a V.2 for sure during the year and will be one of the firsts so...maybe in June? Not sure :S
  • 2 months, 3 weeks ago DarthDesigner (7034) MOC Designer
    Unfortunately not! But I'm planning to design a smaller car that can fit inside, maybe the most famous JEEP :D