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  • 1 year, 3 months ago Graykey40 (860)
    Is there a difference between this part and 92456pr0001c01 or is this a duplicate?
  • 3 years ago Graykey40 (860)
    Thank you for the info! Given this, for my purposes, I will define "old style bottom" as meaning "with ovoid pin" and not worry about the slight possibility that there could be an official pinless 3023 out there. I can only be nit-picky to a certain degree before it gets crazy. 😁
  • 3 years ago Graykey40 (860)
    The image that comes up on this part's home page is actually of the 6061b (holes on sides with struts). The images in the part details pop-up and the part usage section and the 3D are all correct.
  • 3 years ago Graykey40 (860)
    Yeah, that's what mine looks like (with the addition of pat. pend.).
  • 3 years ago Graykey40 (860)
    Does "old style bottom" refer to those with an ovoid pin or are there older parts without any pin at all?