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  • 5 months ago Huaojozu (1130) MOC Designer
    Thanks! I wasn't too thrilled about the original model for this modular either. I especially don't find the color scheme attractive. moreso after being teased with interesting colors for the Downtown Diner. I hope Lego goes back to a more traditional modular style next year.
  • 10 months, 3 weeks ago Huaojozu (1130) MOC Designer
    Hi, sorry for the late reply. Yes, if you purchase the instructions you will receive both the LXF file and the PDF instructions.
  • 10 months, 3 weeks ago Huaojozu (1130) MOC Designer
    There is a picture version. You can see examples above. It's not a PDF file, as I wanted to add some notes into the instructions, but in the end it's the same format you are used to from normal Lego sets.
  • 11 months ago Huaojozu (1130) MOC Designer
    Not really. It's similar to the Detective's Office where the left building is also one floor lower than the right building.
  • 11 months, 1 week ago Huaojozu (1130) MOC Designer
    Thanks! I suppose you could flip the 9 and make it 26 degrees, which is the standard temperature for swimming pools around here, but I always found 26 way too low unless you're actually swimming/training.