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  • 10 months, 2 weeks ago Kei_Abe (252) MOC Designer
    Hello :-)
    I do not have used PayPal but, Stripe, like PayPal, can transfer money using a credit card, and the account is not required.
    So, I recommend using Stripe.
  • 1 year ago Kei_Abe (252) MOC Designer
    You can use tiles instead of white plates if you modify the design carefully.

    But there are reasons why I used a white plate. 
    The part where the white plate is used on the surface is actually the part where ice adheres and looks white. (Due to low temperature liquid oxygen)
    Ice is expressed by the studs of the plate. 
    Because it a, fairing has been finished in tile :-)
  • 1 year ago Kei_Abe (252) MOC Designer
    Fun place to see sightseeing ... In space related places,
    Tanegashima Space Center is an interesting place. Facilities such as the launch pad are located on a very compact site. The sea and nature are very beautiful.
    There is Yakushima in the ocean where you can move by ship, and it is designated as a world heritage site. Yakushima has a cedar tree of 7200 years old.
    However, it is difficult to go to Tanegashima and Yakushima.

    My other LEGO work also has LDD data.
    Possibly, someday I might publish it.
  • 1 year ago Kei_Abe (252) MOC Designer
    Thanks for your comment :-) 
    I bought parts from a mail order site in Japan. (Because I live in Japan) 
    I do not have the know-how to buy parts cheaply, so my view may not be very helpful. 
    It cost me about 300,000 JPY (Japanese yen) when I purchased parts. 
    However, it is not an exact amount of money, as it also uses parts that I had before.