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  • 4 days, 3 hours ago KristofPucejdl Level 12 MOC Designer
    Kudos for adding the pictures. It actually looks pretty neat! And trust me I am not the only one who is more easily persuaded about the moc quality when seeing the real pictures! (Which is, in fact, total hypocrisy on my behalf because I also mostly show just renders...)
    Anyway, I built a mockup of the leg and I think I am done with raising doubts :)

    My notion of 'rigid' and 'stable' is still likely quite different from yours - to be fair I would call these ankles quite flimsy, but good enough to hold the model relatively fine. Not sure about the 'play'. It feels to me that one needs to be rather delicate with it. But as far as some critical collisions and errors go, I think I was making it worse than it is :)

    For not having the 2x2 round bricks with technic holes I actually used the astromech body instead and then fitted the 4x4 rings around it, which mitigate the issue with the slightly improper connection of these octagonal frames on the bottom. But then again, maybe I am the only one who would be bothered by that in the first place :D

    You are right about the interference and the way it can be adjusted for. So yeah, one can make it work, and the lacking (imho) rigidity is likely an inevitable price to pay for the good looks at this scale.
  • 6 days, 21 hours ago KristofPucejdl Level 12 MOC Designer
    Knowing how nicely you proportioned the rest of the build, I am positive that you can improve the head significantly.
    Anyway, you probably assumed why I was asking about the real pictures. Unfortunately, I have this annoying habit of inspecting all models that I see just on renders for any flaws, and I still have some places here where I am not 100% convinced. Maybe you can correct me - I wonder how you got the bottom of the feet done. In particular, how did you fit these 2x2 round plates with octagonal rim right underneath the 4x4 round plate above them? Because there is just a heck of a lot of interference if I try to do it in real life. I would either need to flip the octagonal part upside down, but that would already shift the 'toes' more downwards, and I can see that's not the case on your images because the cheseslopes reach all the way to the top of the lowest 4x4 round plate. Oddly enough, when using the older version of the octagonal piece, Studio actually allows the connection with the 4x4 round plate even with collision detection ON, but really that is just the wrong collision handling. In reality, one can't fit the pieces together like this.
    The second thing that makes me curious about the feet area is the intersection of the 2x2 plates with corner cutouts and the 2x2 round tile on the top of the ankle barrel. Sometimes such intersections occur on renders and not on the real builds due to some rounded or beveled edges of parts that are not modeled in the cad, but here it looks prominent enough. So again, would be nice to see the physical model to clear the doubts. Sorry for being this pedantic! I probably wouldn't be if a) your model was uglier and b) you weren't selling the instructions.
  • 1 week ago KristofPucejdl Level 12 MOC Designer
    I like the design but for two things. First, the head - it just doesn't look right to me. Too narrow at the front, kind of prolonged... It's a shame because it's shape is so iconic that it's hard to allow cut corners there :D Second, those... stabilizing links at the ankle joints. I see there is really no connection between the technic elbow link on top of the 3mm bar so I wonder why did you decide to use such a large piece? It looks disproportionally huge on top of these links.
    Then there are two little things I noticed in the instruction snippets. First, you are connecting the binocular piece in the center of each hip joint. The connection to the 2x2 round jumper plate is not proper, however. The ridges of the binocular lenses extend below the level of the plate. You sometimes see people use this connection but I think it just doesn't look or feel right, and more often than not the binocular piece falls off (in fact, depending on how lucky you are with the specific binocular piece you have, it sometimes hardly holds on even if you connect it properly. Speaking of long experience of frustrating reattachments :D )
    Second, I might be wrong but it looks to me that you are using a technic half pin to connect the 3 2x3 plates with a rounded edge and a hole to form the knee joint? If that's the case, it is, again, not quite proper connection (due to the third plate, there is no way the pin can actually 'click' in place and expand at the end of the hole, as it does in proper technic pin holes) And maybe I just happened to grab some slightly worn-out pin, but playing with the mockup of the joint in my hand, it feels like the pin is not holding it very securely. It looks to me that for the version with straight legs it makes no sense to weaken the joint like this. and it would seem more reasonable to have at least one 2xN plate running through the joint.
    Otherwise, it's really nice! I wouldn't have taken the time for such close inspection unless I really liked the model :D Do you have any pictures of the real build?
  • 1 week ago KristofPucejdl Level 12 MOC Designer
    The performance is beyond my expectation! Especially the driving to be specific - I am so used to seeing these models with 4x XL motor drive systems still being sluggish and having uneven speed. This seems to be moving just fine for such a large vehicle!

    I also like how you explain the mods in the video! I am not really good when it comes to technic building but I can still appreciate nice demonstration!
  • 1 week, 2 days ago KristofPucejdl Level 12 MOC Designer
    I have to admit I like this much better than the Defender :D So I am debating on whether you are gonna see this as a compliment or not :D Nonetheless, excellent design. The positive caster at the front and cool rear axle suspension are IMO way more interesting than the (useless) gearboxes and weird functions some of the latest official models feature.