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  • 2 months, 1 week ago LasseD (9K) MOC Designer
    This is also an issue I have observed, and it is the main reason for drops. While the guard shown in my video takes care of this, I would prefer not to make inbox modifications that break the rules.
    The issue might be solvable by using 1x2 grilles for the tipping floor of the inbox as the ABS there is more soft than the flat tiles. I will try this out and if I find a successful solution, then I will update the instructions and leave a note.
  • 2 months, 3 weeks ago LasseD (9K) MOC Designer
    I am glad you like the module. I will continue to try and improve the website so that in the end people might favour it to printing out or use pre-generated formats (PDF, and other formats which take a lot of time to set up)
  • 3 months ago LasseD (9K) MOC Designer
    I'm glad that you can use it. And please tell me if you find any errors in the instruction - I am always prepared to improve these.
  • 3 months ago LasseD (9K) MOC Designer
    I see. According to those rules, this module breaks both rule 1 and 3. The module can be placed sideways in order to have the output be 'straight' into the next module, but in general you will not see adherence to those rules at exhibitions - at least not since 2007.
    When you bring a module to an exhibition, the deciding factors for placement are the location of inbox, exit, its ability to handle batches and the flow of balls through the module. You also typically want your own modules to be grouped together.
    In the video I show that handling batches is no issue here, and since the inbox can be approach from 3 sides, placement of this module has not proven to be a difficulty. Reverting to the old straight inbox from the previous module, or adding a funnel are both options that are available for people who want to adhere strictly to these rules, but I see no practical reason for this scenario.
  • 3 months ago LasseD (9K) MOC Designer
    Hi BrickMan7. Where do you find this clause in the rules for the GBC standard? Many of my designs that I have brought to events in more than a decade have not obeyed that rule.