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I'm a videogame translator who just rediscovered his love for Lego from his childhood.


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  • 14 hours ago Marcus_de_Tycho Level 9
    I think he was referring to the price of bricks needed to be bought. Not to the price of building instructions.
  • 14 hours ago Marcus_de_Tycho Level 9
    I was doing some math and the Space Shuttle in this set is really out of scale. I know that this project originally started as a scale model to the Space Shuttle in the set 21312 Women of NASA. But it changed a lot since then. 
    The proper size of the Space Shuttle should be 22 studs long and 14 studs wide. Interestingly Space Shuttle from the set 31091 Shuttle Transporter has the right length, but its 16 studs wide. For a very nice scale comparison have a look at this picture.
    I have used the satellite from 31091 and a few spare parts from 21321 to model a connector between Space Shuttle and the Station. Also the Canadarm must be connected to the ISS frame so the Space Shuttle will hold on the ISS.

  • 1 day, 10 hours ago Marcus_de_Tycho Level 9
    The MIR looks absolutely fantastic. Salyuts are also very nicely designed.
    But Skylab looks a bit off. Did you consider adding of few more parts outside of the ISS box to make it look better?
  • 4 months, 1 week ago Marcus_de_Tycho Level 9
    Those 8-stud-wide Speed Champions looks awesome yet weird the same time. I have almost all SC models. I will buy Ferrari, but I will consider buying the rest since it doesn't fit my collection. Maybe until some 6 stud-wide alternate builds/MOC will appear.
  • 6 months, 2 weeks ago Marcus_de_Tycho Level 9
    I bought the Cherry Picker set only because it was on a 60% discount in a local mall. And it was very boring set. But luckilly I found your alternate build and it completly changes my look on this set. Your design is fantastic! Thank you.

    Because a lot of parts were left on the table, I was playing with those and improving your model. A few of minor changes and a couple of addons on the sides of your desing of the rear wing. If your are interested, please let me know and I'll record a video about those changes.