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  • 1 week ago Mr. Studs (917) MOC Designer
    You are correct and the A should merge into the bottom of the R and M as well, but the spacing did not allow for either, so I had to make a compromise.
  • 1 year ago Mr. Studs (917) MOC Designer
    Yes, definitely Quality over Quantity ;) It would be quite the city to have a full bricks built road system! I can see people wanting to take their city to the next level though with these roads though :)
  • 1 year ago Mr. Studs (917) MOC Designer
    Great! I agree there is not much in the way of help files or advanced use tutorials for I picked up most of what I know just by use.
  • 1 year ago Mr. Studs (917) MOC Designer
    Okay, thank you very much for the feedback! I will change the file to make it so that one of the section is broken down into steps.

    How you would do it in the program is click on model
    - On the right hand side in the "Steps" menu, click were it reads "Main Model"
    - You will get a drop down of all the sub models, click on "Left Side" or "Right Side" to see the steps for each side.
    - On top of that menu you will see a option to "Show by Step" Click that option to see each step as you click on it in that menu
    - Those sides click together to form a section, which click together to form the circle.

    I hope that helps.