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Hello, and welcome to Murdoch17's MOC Page. I have a room full of LEGO town, railway, space, Doctor Who & other assorted sets / MOCs / MODs. I built my town featuring these MODs of sets: Medieval Market Village, Town Plan, Diagon Alley, World City / CITY, and Trains.
These are all my buildings I own:

-Old Blacksmiths, now my house with finished bottom floor and staircase.
-The Tavern / Pub / Bar from has an inside staircase.
-Ollivander Wand shop is used as Bob's Adventure Supplies
-Gringott's is now First Imperial Bank
-Borgin & Burkes is my local Lego Users Group (LUG) meeting spot, featuring a Micro-LEGO layout
-There is a custom two story Post Office
-XXL World City-style locomotive shed (96 studs long)
-Western Style two-story saloon
-yellow set 7997 style train station (80 studs long)
-Black and red small locomotive shed (64 studs long)

I also have a four XL base-plate square Space Base and and 7 various size spaceships, ranging from Benny's ssS! to a micro scale official Lego Malevolence combiner model from 2008 to a Lego Universe modular rocket.

This all goes along with 60+ trains (rolling stock, streetcars, and locomotives) and several structures (such as the above station and train sheds, but with a coal tower, water tower, and several other objects)

Thanks for viewing!!

(also known as Murdoch17 on Flickr, Eurobricks, Brickset, and Brickset forums, among other sites.)