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RenderMOC was born from the desire to share/sell and preserve the MOCs I've built, by using digital LEGO bricks and 3D rendering software to create nice looking images without the need for a real-life photographic setup.

My building adventures, as a kid began in the late 1980's with the set: 6054 Forestmen's Hideout, and culminated near the late 1990's, where the so called dark ages began for me. It wasn't until the second decade of the 2000's that I "re-descovered" my affinity for building with LEGO bricks as an AFOL.

Additional Information:

  • I never use stickers, only printed pieces. Stickers inevitably will peel off and leave a sticky residue that over time builds up with dirt. I personally find that unappealing (no pun intended).
  • On all MOCs I try to ensure that all connections are legal. But be aware that on occasion you may find some advanced building techniques used for relatively complex builds.
  • I build all MOCs first, prior to digitizing them and rendering the 3D images. This is done to ensure that everything works: part connectivity, part color availability*, functionality, play features (if any), structural integrity, weight, etc.
  • When converting physical models into digital I may use both LDD and/or LDCad (with the digital parts library) depending on the part availability. And subsequently, render the object into a digital image using POV-Ray.
  • Technical limitations prevent the 3D rendered images** from being an exact match to real life models.
  • Sometimes I may suggest minifigures that I think look good with the model, but I do not include instructions for building them. I rather let you have the freedom to choose what you want to go along with the model.
  • Inventory and instructions are reviewed after release to ensure that there are no mistakes. Revisions and corrections are made when necessary.
  • RenderMOC instructions are ONLY found in Rebrickable, If you find them somewhere else, it's a scam. You have been warned!

  • "MOC" stands for "My Own Creation" and refers to custom LEGO® models built by fans rather than officially released models.
  • "MOD" is a modified version of an official set. It may refer to small upgrades or mayor overhauls using the official set as a base model and adding parts not found in the box.
  • "ALT" is short for alternative model. Creating a completely new model not found in the instruction manuals, using only the parts that come in the box of that particular official set.
  • "AFOL" stands for "Adult Fan Of LEGO®".

  • *Due to color variances in the production of LEGO®, real parts may have slight differences in their color, for color reference see the part inventory for each model.
  • **Digital images are for display purpose and should only be considered an approximation of the LEGO® color palette and not an exact match.
  • LEGO® is a trademark of The LEGO Group. RenderMOC is neither affiliated, sponsored, nor related to The LEGO Group.


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