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Hey, I'm SammyEyeballs, welcome to my page, although there's not really much here. I've got a few MOC's, you can see the complete collection, and I hope you enjoy my past and future creations!


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  • 10 months ago SammyEyeballs (3554) MOC Designer
    This is over 3 1/2 pounds!?!?!  The robot mode looks absolutely astonishing, and surprisingly true to the original Voltron robot figurine. I love how you can actually take it apart and use the lions individually, and how they each have their own distinctive style from their twin! The main lion, who keeps the pride in check, is a bit clunky on top, but forget clunkiness if it's for wings for a robot made of lions! Also, very stable compared to such large LEGO models, it's impressive, really. All in all, a great review and an even better LEGO robot! Hope I can win one. 
  • 1 year, 1 month ago SammyEyeballs (3554) MOC Designer
    Bummer. Still thankful for the 6 months of Pro Plan I do have, though. :)
  • 1 year, 1 month ago SammyEyeballs (3554) MOC Designer
    I didn't win the recent Creator Contest, but I got an honorable mention, which means I got 6 months free of the Pro Plan. (Thank you, by the way! 😄 ) Am I eligible because I have the Pro Plan, or not because I'm not actually paying for it?
  • 1 year, 2 months ago SammyEyeballs (3554) MOC Designer
    Thanks, I thought people might say it was a "junkyard" style color theme. Glad to know you like it!