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  • I’ve submitted a Change Request for you related to this. In the future, that is much more effective since comments aren’t always monitored. Thanks for helping improve Rebrickable!
  • 1 week, 6 days ago Sletschin Level 34 PRO
    LEGO doesn't provide this information for automated retrieval (even in part). Rebrickable relies on users submitting Change Requests with lists of spares to update the information for all of us. Unfortunately, I haven't opened my set yet so can't be sure but BrickLink (non-authoritatively) reports 51 spare parts. If you think your count may be accurate, I'd encourage you to submit a Change Request with that info. Others can then update it if needed (or if there is any variety between sets).
  • 2 weeks, 2 days ago Sletschin Level 34 PRO
    My condolences to Simon's family and all those who knew him. His impact on the site was obvious and his absence will be missed considerably.
  • 2 weeks, 5 days ago Sletschin Level 34 PRO
    Good catch. There is also no depiction of the use of part 40598d (Tapered Tip Grenade). Since all three of these parts are included with the set as part of a single pack, LEGO likely views this as a play choice. For Rebrickable's purposes, we split such kits into their parts since each has different re-use potential. I've submitted some changes to the inventory and set notes to better reflect the use in this set.
  • 3 weeks, 3 days ago Sletschin Level 34 PRO
    That remains to be seen. So far, I think it has only appeared on the US LEGO Store Calendar but I think that’s the only calendar which has been released yet. Similar sets, like HARLEY-1 or TREE-1, were ultimately available in many countries. We’ll have to wait and see...