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Hello all!
I am a 22 years old aviation engineering student from Austria with a great pation for Lego Technic.
You can also find me on Instagram, the username is TaurusCreations.

Taurus Creations

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  • 1 week ago Taurus Creations Level 9 MOC Designer
    Thank you so much! And also thanks for adding pictures of yours, I really appreciate it!

    A little observation: the first black beam at the top of the crane is not mounted right, that‘s why its not completely horizontal (but it‘s just a short fix).
  • 1 month ago Taurus Creations Level 9 MOC Designer
    Thanks for the compliment! I originally called it B-model however, the friendly guys from rebrickable said I should call it C-model as the other term should only be used for official alternate models from Lego.
  • 6 months, 2 weeks ago Taurus Creations Level 9 MOC Designer
    The parts not mentioned are only pneumatic tubes/hoses as I am unfortunately not able to include them in the program I use! Also, I do not know where every costumer wants to attach the crane to, so the hose lengths will always vary from user to user.
    Apart from those, every part is mentioned in the list!