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Als jongen was ik al dol op LEGO.Mijn eerste Technic-onderdelen waren een witte dwarsas 6 en een rode struik die als een antenne op een politieboot zat. Ik bewaar het terwijl Scrooge McDuck zijn nummer één dubbeltje opslaat. Sindsdien was ik volledig LEGO Technisch ingesteld, maar dat verzwakte naarmate ik ouder werd. Na een zware operatie met een lange herstelperiode begon ik opnieuw LEGO Technic-modellen te kopen en te bouwen en ben ik weer helemaal verslaafd.


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  • 9 months, 2 weeks ago TheDukeofWirdum (282)
    To build this model using LDD is rather inconvenient.You often have to install parts that do not click and fall off during construction.Or parts are mounted floating in the air.Pins that are placed afterwards so that your parts have to be taken apart again.And sometimes you can not even see where a pin is placed.But this is in my opinion more commentary on LDD than on the model or the designer.It is still a beautiful model.
  • 10 months, 1 week ago TheDukeofWirdum (282)
    Works nice, gives precise steering, only on reverse driving steering also gets reversed.
    And you could stil use one motor per track an use the steering motor to make it turn on its center axle. Then it will turn nice and controlled and not spin like crazy.
    When using remote with speed controle it gets even better, then you can controle the radius of the turn.
    I think i will use this on every tracked vehicle i will build.

  • 10 months, 2 weeks ago TheDukeofWirdum (282)
    Love the car (even before the movie came out)
    Love the movie (maybe because of the car)
    So must like this MOC.
    Very nicely done, headlights a bit disappointing but that might be just me because i always loved de double pair of square headlights that now look like just two led's
  • 10 months, 2 weeks ago TheDukeofWirdum (282)
    Could it be that the 2 rubber bands count as one here because they are packed in one little box while Lego counts them as two?