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  • 3 days, 19 hours ago TobyMac Level 32 Inventory Admin ADMIN
    That might be caused by LEGO sometimes giving spoilers for upcoming movies through their sets? For example, the 70651 Super Hero Airport Battle spoiled the ability of Ant-Man to become larger. I saw a video with more examples a while back, but I can't find it anymore. Ths might make movie producers more careful with what source material they give LEGO to base the sets on.
  • To be honest: besides the head, I love the look of this thing. Beter than the bulky old version, but still the LEGO feel. And because of that, I don't like the slopes used in the head.
    Beauty comes with pain, so that explains the build process.
  • I'm limited by time, both in design and how fast the children can build the model. The main focus is teaching children the basic principles of programming.
    This is the first round of lessons. When there is more time in the school year, I can extend the program.
  • 2 weeks, 2 days ago TobyMac Level 32 Inventory Admin ADMIN
    I wish I had this in school. I did consider the 1 sensor option, maybe with 2 parallel lines in different colors. But I'm too lazy to draw 2 lines on the ground ;-). But you did trigger me. It's a matter of moving 1 sensor to the middle and a simple new program. I'll try it and post a youtube here when it works. Benefit is that this solution doesn;t need extra parts beside the 17101-1.
    I already have the motors slowed down to the minimum, the Boost motors don't like to go slow it seems, the documentation on this is minimal, or null. That's why I mounted the sensors close to the center of turning and wide apart, it kept overshooting the line with the other sensor.