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  • 2 weeks, 2 days ago Trueblood (3064)
    Another beautiful creation...just like your Villa le Lac and Barcelona Pavilion. Your choice of transparent 23969 and 4865b for the porches and balconies is smart and looks good.  I do wish, however, that Lego made some sort of part that could serve as a balcony railing.  Really lovely work.
  • 2 weeks, 2 days ago Trueblood (3064)
    These are completely delightful designs.  Small--which I like--but beautiful.  I can imagine many Lego situations where these flowers in pots would add a lovely touch.  Now you need to come up with something similar with small trees to add to a bigger model.  I'm always dissatisfied with the look of most Lego trees.  Perhaps you could come up with something?  ;-)
  • 4 weeks, 1 day ago Trueblood (3064)
    Your model of the Le Corbusier's Villa le Lac is gorgeous.  I may have to buy the instructions and order what parts I need to make it.  Absolutely wonderful.  I've looked at your other models and find them all lovely--particularly your two versions of the Barcelona Pavilion and your ingenious micro version of the Farnsworth House.  I may substitute a different tree--never cared much for most Lego trees--and use studded bricks for the grass.  I also plan to light the model using supplies from Brickstuff.  You can see my lighted Lego, Lego MOC and nanoblock models here:  Keep up the great work.
  • 2 months, 4 weeks ago Trueblood (3064)
    Just like your Barcelona Pavilion, this is just beautiful. [I'm still trying to decide about building that lovely model soon.]  You made wonderful changes and additions to this Lego Architecture set.   You might be amused by some of the changes I made last year when I built the Lego Villa Savoye with similar modifications and lighting.  You can see my write-up at where there is also a link to my Google Photos gallery of my build.  Keep up your great work.
  • 3 months ago Trueblood (3064)
    This is a beautiful model, FriedLime.  You've done a great job in capturing this building by Mies Van der Rohe and in a way that is like a Lego Architecture set.  Congratulations.  I do have a question or two.  Do you have a photograph showing the rear of your model? Could you post it here? Also, have you included any furniture inside the building (as Lego did with The Farnsworth House)?  Very, very nice design.
    David (Tucson, AZ)