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  • 14 hours ago Trueblood (3K)
    Well, who knew you had two great tiny house models to create?  You should have warned me. ;-)  This one is very nice, too,  But, I think I've committed myself to your first model. I like the hanging yellow lights on this second house. The dark tan is a lovely color. Keep them coming, John.
  • 2 days, 15 hours ago Trueblood (3K)
    I bought the PDF instructions today. Thanks.  What a lovely model you've created!  I just couldn't resist.  The interior details are particularly beautiful.  I plan to eventually build it after I finish the current project I just started on.  I also plan to put lights into your great design.  We'll see how that goes.  You can check out other such projects I did in Lego and nanoblocks at I do have a question or two after looking at your PDF of instructions.

    • Any reason why reddish brown bricks shouldn't be substituted for all of the brown bricks (which are much scarcer)?
    • Eleven parts are listed as "light gray."  Could not light bluish gray be used (as you specified with many other parts) in the inventory?
    • There are several differences (i.e., missing parts) when comparing the inventory on Rebrickable with the list of parts in your PDF. You probably already know this.

    What great work you've done here!

    David (Tucson, AZ, USA)
  • 4 weeks, 1 day ago Trueblood (3K)

    A real disappointment.  Why do so many new Lego sets have to look so childish?  The original by Jonathan Brunn looked miles better both in the color and the amount of detail.  This reminds me of the recent terrible execution of the impressive original MOC  design for the "Ship in a Bottle."  New sets like these remove the "A" from AFOL and leave a Lego set for children.  For better looking models from Lego bricks, check out the MOC designs here from Brickbrothers-Germany. If you want to construct sophisticated dinosaur models, there are a number of alternatives, including the amazing T-Rex and Triceratops nanoblock models from Kawada of Japan.  See and
  • 1 month, 2 weeks ago Trueblood (3K)
    Hi, again, LegoOri.  I'm the least religious person I know.  But...this is still a beautiful MOC.  So nice to see something creative that is not another weapon of war or airplane or Star Wars vehicle or automobile, etc.  Lovely work...particularly the candles and goblet.  Do you think you might try the candle holders in silver, gold or chrome? I can imagine the candle flames "flickering" using one of the lovely LED circuits from Brickstuff. Thanks for your artistry.
  • 4 months, 2 weeks ago Trueblood (3K)
    Another beautiful creation...just like your Villa le Lac and Barcelona Pavilion. Your choice of transparent 23969 and 4865b for the porches and balconies is smart and looks good.  I do wish, however, that Lego made some sort of part that could serve as a balcony railing.  Really lovely work.