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Lenexa, KS

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Welcome. I build mocs of vehicles, everything from odd things that pop into my head to real world pieces or things from movies. I hope you enjoy my submissions and look for me on facebook too!


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  • 4 months ago Victaven Level 13 MOC Designer DESIGNER
    I've not experienced this issue at all. From studio I click file, open. Find the io file and allow it to populate into studio. On the right should be the step by step process to build. I dont do the pdf style instructions yet via the top tab. On the right side make sure you have step view selected, expand the window to full size, and at the bottom of the step list there are two tabs:expand or contract steps. Expand all. When you get to the head and body, right click on the part chucks and go to submodel-->view. I'm Andrew Waters on Facebook. PM me if you have any more issues.
  • 5 months ago Victaven Level 13 MOC Designer DESIGNER
    Find me on Facebook under Andrew Waters, look for the Maximum Overdrive truck profile picture and friend me. I can be of more help via Messenger if the problem does persist.
  • 5 months ago Victaven Level 13 MOC Designer DESIGNER
    In studio, look on the right side where it says "step view", make sure this is checked, then maximize your window and look at the bottom of the steps for two expansion arrows (one expands all, the other collapses all) and click on the arrow to expand steps. Start at step one to begin the build or go all the way to the last step to see the finished form. I will double check the files but you shouldnt be having issues, as I have built my own jeep from the instructions. Let me know if this does or does not help.
  • 6 months, 2 weeks ago Victaven Level 13 MOC Designer DESIGNER
    Just use 2x2 boat studs on the bottom and the light bricks will stay unlit. If you take the boat studs off they'll be lit again. Add 1x1 rounds in clear if you need more weight.
  • 8 months ago Victaven Level 13 MOC Designer DESIGNER
    No biggie! The car was built for my dad and he was thrilled with it. To each their own. The wing pieces were the closest piece I could find to fit the rear pillar shape, though I wish Lego offered tile versions.