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  • 1 year, 2 months ago Voyager01 Level 6
    I purchased the Falcon (75192) just before Christmas and have been taking my time building it. I saw this excellent stand and ordered the parts (in black), except for a few that weren't available in black from three different USA stores. This is my FIRST Lego set ever but it has been fun and impressive at the quality of the instructions as well as the parts. I have just finished the fourth set of parts of the Falcon and then I built this stand. It took me an afternoon to build and was mostly easy. There were a couple of WTF moments but scrutinizing my work made it clear what had to be done. I am ready to add the stand to the Falcon now and build the rest of the ship around it. (What I learned from reading comments here). Thank you for your work and of course Efferman for creating such a cool stand. Looking forward to more Legos!