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  • 7 months ago Waller85 Level 16 PRO
    Well, to be fair, if I was in your position and the set was provided for the purpose of giving a review, I wouldn't think about the price, either.
    And if we're being honest, the price shouldn't matter, since it's on a person-to-person basis as to what budget someone has. What one person might consider to be too expensive might be completely acceptable to someone else.
    So I wouldn't really worry about the price.
  • 7 months ago Waller85 Level 16 PRO
    As much as my daughter and I enjoy the Ninjago theme, I can't really justify spending $130 on this set. Maybe for set 70678 (Castle of the Forsaken Emperor) since it has about 30 more pieces, but it also costs a whole $30 less.
    Also, a dragon.
  • 1 year, 5 months ago Waller85 Level 16 PRO
    If we've become level 15 due to the adjustment, do we automatically become Pro or do we have to do something to enable it?