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  • 2 days, 1 hour ago Level 12
    Hi, nice photos and nice pimp to to the racer. Which wheels and tyres did you use? They fit nicely and look really cool...
  • 3 months, 2 weeks ago Level 12
    Hi again, nice designed and much improved Mustang in respect of stability :-) . Love the 7 stud size and as usual the functionality, open doors, boot and bonnet. Doors and bonnet are easy to open. The boot lid usualy breaks apart which is okay. I thin I will replace the grey layer within the doors and have a complete black layout. Great car for a fair Price! Thx
  • 4 months ago Level 12
    Like the style! Any plans to pimp it up with functions?
  • 4 months, 3 weeks ago Level 12
    Just above 1000 parts. Looks having great fun! Also like the video...