Hi, my name is Serge and I’m a legoholic!


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  • 11 hours ago buildme Level 14 MOC Designer
    Thank you for sharing photos and your feedback!
  • 11 hours ago buildme Level 14 MOC Designer
    Thank you for such detailed feedback!

    Yes, the building process took about 3 weeks of my spare time.
    I agree about steering, this can mislead, fixed in description. As for turning wheels by steering wheel - it wasn't possible by using the cogwheel from the set - it is too large for this model.
    As for fenders from the set, first I was trying to use them but they didn't allow to make front part as low as it should be. I agree, my implementation looks not so perfect, and I never liked such technique, however I didn't apply it before and I decided to try.
    About illegal building techniques - yes, sometimes I apply it, and even in official LEGO sets you can find this, like radar here :)

    I say again thank you for your effort and attentions to details!
  • 4 days, 2 hours ago buildme Level 14 MOC Designer
    Use this link. But to be clear - this version works only on iOS device, you can't open it on your Windows PC.
  • 5 days, 20 hours ago buildme Level 14 MOC Designer
    Currently you can buy the pdf instruction by paypal only. But If you have iOS device, you can buy them on the App Store.
  • 3 weeks, 1 day ago buildme Level 14 MOC Designer
    Thank you for your feedback! I agree about lack of strength. Like many of my other models it is more sculpture rather than playable toy.

    If you add more 15573 parts from your own collection, you can connect edges under the doors more firmly.
    Regarding the roof, I was considering building it, but cabrio version looks more attractive imho. In any case thanks for photos!